Imagine the World @ Public Libraries NSW Conference

Zenith was proud to sponsor one of the key note speakers at the conference – the Reverend Tim Costello, CEO of World Vision. Time had the audience entranced as he spoke on a crucial topic, “Can reading alleviate poverty or enhance social justice?” We firmly believe so, and are keen to continue exploring with our associates and partners how we can provide direct support moving forward.

We also had our own exhibition space in partnership with Microsoft to demonstrate the benefits of technology and how it can be used to enhance the development of social and learning skills in Autistic children. Further we are seeking two libraries who would like to partner with both of us to develop specific technology for marketing and the engagement of external stakeholders within a library. If this is of interest to you, please contact John Cooksey at Zenith directly on 1300 852 555 or

Thanks to Sally Dallas and Nell Hirst who did a great job over the couple of days we were there!!